<div style='padding:10px;' class='museo'>Currende staat garant voor een schitterend concert. De stemmen zijn prachtig in balans en de klanken zijn zeer homogeen.<br/> De Standaard, Belgie.</div> <div style='padding:10px;' class='museo'>Nog meer tekst over hoe goed currende is.</div> <div style='padding:10px;' class='museo'>Reet.<br/> De Standaard, Belgie.</div> <div style='padding:10px;' class='museo'>Jawel, dit is tekst, goede tekst!.<br/> De Standaard, Belgie.</div>
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Molenstraat 24
BE-9290 Overmere
DE RORE WEEKEND IN RONSE (20-22 april 2018)
17 Apr 2018

Vrijdag 20 april tot en met zondag 22 april 2018
De stad Ronse vierde in

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CANCELLATION Concert in Ham (11/3/18)
5 Mar 2018

The concert of March 3th in the O.L.V.-Geboortekerk (Ham) is

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Wonderful Christmas Concert by Currende
7 Jan 2018
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Currende was founded in 1974. Initially they worked without a conductor, Erik Van Nevel one of the singers. In recent years, more and more productions while back on this concerted way.

Currendes' singing style is very recognizable. The clarity of the sound, the great vitality and extreme care for text and language are the main features.

Besides the special affinity with the whimsical 17th century, to Erik Van Nevel and his ensemble have a point to the fantastic, but unfortunately too little known artistic heritage of the Flemish Polyphonists promote. By an interesting and original programming knows the ensemble this 'old music' always in a refreshing way to propose.

Currende has an extensive discography. Under the Label ACCENT recordings were made with music from O. Lassus, P. Phillips, oratorios by G. Carissimi, motets by H. Sch?tz, grand choral work of D. Scarlatti, the masterful 'Musica Religiosa' from J. Waite and impressive music of Giovanni Gabrieli, Adrian Willaert and Joan Cererols.

The label appeared Eufoda recordings of music by Orlandus Lassus, Passiontide in Polyphony, John Le Febure, Hans Leo Hassler, Luca Marenzio, Brussels Baroque Music and the "Membra Jesu Nostri" D. Buxtehude.

The area comprises a 16th 17th century music, the great works of Bach and Mozart. Rarely is the older music too subtle facing contemporary vocal works.